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Christmas gifts: Logan Mailloux teases Arber Xhekaj with Costco

Ever since Arber Xhekaj joined the Habs organization, the player’s story has been causing a stir in Montreal, and with good reason. After all, we’re talking about a son of immigrant parents who was never drafted in junior or the NHL, but who impressed so much at the Habs camp that he jumped straight to the NHL without passing through Laval.

And after only a few weeks, he already had the reputation of being one of the league’s toughest players. Give Hollywood a scenario like that and they’ll turn it down because they think it’s, like, unrealistic.

The other aspect of Xhekaj’s past that struck a chord with people in Montreal was the fact that a few months before his first camp in Montreal, he was working at Costco. This added to the legend of the character… and it has endured over time.

And even in Laval today, Xhekaj continues to be associated with Costco. In a video posted on the Laval Rocket’s social networks, the guys name their favorite Christmas gift, and Logan Mailloux decides to tease his teammate by saying he got a membership card at Costco thanks to a good discount from his friend Arber.

From Xhekaj’s reaction, you can tell it’s not the first time Mailloux has teased him like this.

Xhekaj, who says his best gift was a KitKat Chunky, let his blue-line partner have a little fun. Because yes, let’s remember that the two guys play on the same defense duo in Laval, and obviously, they seem to be good friends.

In the same video, we must also salute the fine effort of Mattias Norlinder, who got out his French to say that he had clothes. He could have answered in English like many of his teammates, but instead he made the effort to use the language of Molière, and that’s to be commended.

The Rocket boys seem to have had some nice presents this Christmas… except for poor Jan Mysak, who claims to have received nothing. Poor guy…

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