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Training: Marc-André Fleury replaces his stick with… a cane

Of all the players in the NHL, Marc-André Fleury is probably the funniest. Throughout the league, he has a reputation for being a hilarious guy and, above all, a master at playing tricks on his teammates.

For a while now, for example, he’s been stealing his teammate Brandon Duhaime’s clothes and replacing them with completely extravagant outfits to make him look crazy. And that makes me laugh.

Of course, all this is funny because Duhaime takes it in good humor… and also because the two guys are in the middle of a trick war.

In fact, it all started about ten days ago, when Duhaime joked that Fleury “was an old man of 50”. Of course, he knew he was putting a target on his back, and Fleury has been stealing his clothes ever since.

But today, the war between the two guys reached a new level: while fans were present at Wild practice, Duhaime arrived on the ice and went to carry Fleury an old people’s cane. He dropped it next to Fleury’s net and ran off.

And what had to happen happened: Fleury decided he didn’t need his stick anymore and used his teammate’s gift as a stick during practice.

The result was images worthy of Marc-André Fleury.

Note that the cane in question was decorated with flowers, in homage to Fleury’s nickname(Flower). In fact, it was the gift he received at the Wild’s gift exchange, and while Duhaime wouldn’t confirm that he was behind the idea, he did admit that it was a damn good idea.

It obviously made everyone laugh, and hats off to the two guys for continuing to tease each other like this. It keeps things light within the team and helps get through the tougher times in an 82-game season.

I can’t wait to see how far the guys take this, in any case.


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