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The Stars need a defenseman like David Savard

The Habs have a surplus of defensemen in their organization. Whether it’s among the guys already in Montreal, with the youngsters in Laval or including the prospects across the planet, let’s just say that there are plenty of people at Mass, as they say.

Eventually, some players will have to be traded. But which ones? That’s a good question.

And it’s not just a matter of deciding which defensemen will have to put their paws up: it’s also a matter of deciding when to trade the guys in question. And why? To maximize the return.

One name that comes up a lot is David Savard.

Why him? Because he’s probably not part of the Habs’ long-term plans, and because his market value is undoubtedly excellent.

At $3.5 million a year for another 18 months, that’s not much to pay for a guy like him… and he doesn’t even have a no-trade clause.

Obviously, several teams will be after him this winter. If Kent Hughes wants to trade his defenseman, he’ll no doubt be in high demand, which is interesting.

If Savard is traded by March 8, not only will he be able to participate in the 2024 series, but also in the 2025 series with his new team. That’s a good thing for everyone.

In this regard, The Athletic reminds us that the Dallas Stars need a right-handed defenseman. We’re also talking about a find from the Habsolument Fan site, by the way.

According to journalist Saad Yousuf, the Stars need a right-handed defenseman who can stay in the lineup. He dares to talk about a top-4 defenseman, but he’d settle for just a defenseman.

Doesn’t that just scream Savard?

You might say that Savard comes with a history of injuries, but he’s just coming back from one. It’s safe to assume that the rest of his season will go more smoothly, since he doesn’t suffer many major injuries a year either.

And as Eric Engels says, Savard’s value is probably too high for the Habs not to take advantage…

Of course, if Savard really is on the market (he probably is, or soon will be), many teams will be calling, creating a bidding war.

And expect the Stars to be among them.

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