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Eight prospects that catch my eye for the 2024 NHL Draft
The 2023 edition of the NHL draft was filled with talented players. And we’re expecting the same for the 2024 draft!

This holiday season, I’d like to share my list of eight prospects to keep an eye on for the upcoming draft. There are some logical picks… And there are some that might surprise you.

Let’s go!

Berkly Catton (Center – Spokane Chiefs)
You may not be familiar with the name, and that’s okay.

The player wears the colors of the Spokane Chiefs in the WHL and is one of the most productive in the entire CHL.

He’s been described as a complete player who finds his teammates on the ice with ease.

He finished his age-16 season with 55 points (23 goals) in 63 games, which is excellent.

But Catton really took off this season. He scored 22 goals in 30 games, while also compiling 24 assists (46 points).

I mentioned his passing skills earlier… But Catton can also score goals with his wrist shot:

Cole Eiserman (Left wing – American Development Program)
The American is probably the prospect I’m most excited about because I love scorers.

Not only is Eiserman seen as one of the hottest prospects in the upcoming draft, he’s also being talked about as a possible first overall pick, which says a lot about his potential.

He has already scored 27 goals in 23 games so far this season with the U.S. U18team…

And he’s also scored 10 in nine games in the USHL.

He knows how to put the puck in the back of the net, let’s put it that way.

What’s more, at 6’0 and 196 pounds, he’s already got the frame of an NHL player.

Even the American program’s coach, Nick Fohra, who has worked with Matthews and Caufield in the past, says he’s never seen a shot like Cole Eiserman’s. That’s what we’re reading.

This is according to a recent article by Nicolas Cloutier (TVA Sports).

It’s special, because God knows what a devastating shot both of today’s NHL stars have.

Macklin Celebrini (Center, left wing, right wing – Boston University)
I think I can confidently say that at this point, just about everyone knows the name Macklin Celebrini.

This 17-year-old will have the opportunity to wear Canada’s colors at the World Junior Championship.

He is the only 17-year-old on the Canadian team this year.

Celebrini is versatile. He can play center, left wing, right wing… And he’s got a huge bag of tricks up his sleeve.

He scores goals, has exceptional vision and does everything the right way on the ice.

Celebrini has racked up 25 points so far with Boston University in just 15 short games.

Talk about splendid production for a freshman in the NCAA, especially since he’s only 17.

There’s a reason he’s considered the top prospect in the 2024 draft at the time of writing.

Ivan Demidov (Center, left wing – SKA-1946 St. Petersburg)
You don’t hear much about Ivan Demidov because he plays in Russia.

He started the season with SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL, but the club ultimately decided to send him back to the MHL (the Russian junior league) to allow him to fine-tune his development.

The result?

Demidov has 18 points (nine goals) in 13 games since being demoted to junior.

We expected him to be a little more dominant offensively because he had the opportunity at the start of the season to play professionally, but oh well.

Demidov is an offensive player who stands out for his reading of the game and his clever feints.

He probably has the “best hands” in the upcoming draft:

Sam Dickinson (Defenseman – London Knights)
Keep this name close to your heart. It’s a name you’ll be hearing a lot over the next 10 to 15 years.

Sam Dickinson is a big 6’3 defenseman who looks a bit like a linguine on the ice. He’s big, he’s tall…

But it’s the fluidity of his skating that’s most impressive. Dickinson strolls around the rink as if he didn’t have to take strides to move forward:

The defenseman is more than capable of producing offensively, by the way. He boasts a total of 26 points (eight goals) in 32 OHL games this season with the London Knights, which is excellent for a 17-year-old junior defenseman.

Little prediction from left field: Dickinson will be selected in the top-3 at the next draft. He reminds me a little of Victor Hedman, only more mobile.

Cayden Lindstrom (Center – Medicine Hat Tigers)

He’s a big guy too.

Cayden Lindstrom is 6’4 and weighs 216 pounds. You can see that he’s got what it takes physically to have a nice, long NHL career…

Lindstrom plays for the Medicine Hat Tigers and is one of the most electrifying players in the WHL.

He has a good skating stroke for his size, but excels above all in puck protection.

Talk about a real goal scorer, by the way.

Lindstrom has 27 goals in 32 games so far this season, and what’s interesting is that he always finds a different way to score.

He’s got a good shot, but it doesn’t stop there. The young man is also capable of maneuvering the puck to his heart’s content:

Taj Iginla (Center – Kelowna Rockets)
You recognize the last name, and I have to admit I’m a little biased when it comes to Tij Iginla, because Jarome was one of my favorite players growing up.

He plays exactly the same way as his father, by the way.

Tij Iginla hits, he disturbs opponents, he’s a pest on the ice… And he’s a powerful offensive player.

Jarome’s son is his club’s second-highest scorer in the WHL, with 42 points in 32 games, but it’s his spirit and fighting spirit that make him one of the best prospects of the 2024 season.

We’re talking about an extraordinary worker, and you know how much NHL teams love players like him.

He’s probably the prospect I’m most looking forward to seeing work at the next level, and I’m convinced he’ll be a quick success in the big league because of his work ethic.

Cole Hutson (Defenseman –

American Development Program)
Last but not least…

I couldn’t pass up Lane Hutson’s little brother, who is also a defenseman.

Cole’s style and Lane’s are very similar, because we’re talking about two attack-minded defenders.

Lane slipped to No. 62 in the 2022 draft because of his size, but his little brother won’t have the same problem.

Cole isn’t a giant, but at 5’10’, he’s already taller than Lane was in his draft year.

The young man is currently playing with Cole Eiserman and the American development program.

He collected 24 points in 27 games at the start of the season with the U.S. U18 team and has eight points in twelve games in the USHL.

Cole will be looking to avenge his brother’s late selection:


The 2024 NHL draft will take place in the sphere in Vegas.

In fact, it will be the first sporting event to be held in Nevada’s new amphitheatre.

The next draft will be held on June 28 and 29.

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