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Jake Allen has no market value, says Vincent Damphousse

The Canadiens are having a few problems on the ice at the moment. We can think of injuries, the fact that the guys have to play more “inside ” or the lack of attack in general.

But we mustn’t overlook the three-man front line, which is also a problem.

Eventually, the Canadiens will have to ensure that Jake Allen, Cayden Primeau or Samuel Montembeault are no longer in Montreal. Whether through injury, retrenchment or – ideally – a trade, it’s got to happen.

Of course, you may say. But the problem is, it’s easier said than done.

In fact, if the Canadiens wanted to trade Samuel Montembeault, you’d think it would have happened. But all indications are that, barring an impossible offer, he’s in town to stay.

The rest of the song you know: Cayden Primeau doesn’t look like a savior, and an NHL team theoretically won’t give enough to make Kent Hughes say yes, giving up on Primeau is worth it.

And then there’s Jake Allen. The veteran isn’t having a great season, having not won a game since October, and he’s earning $3.85 million a year for just over 18 more months.

All this means that, according to what Vincent Damphousse told L’Antichambre, the veteran has no market value.

Players who don’t perform up to their contract have no value. Especially if they have an extra year [on their contract].

For me, Jake Allen, right now, has no value. – Vincent Damphousse

In the analyst’s eyes, if the Habs want to trade the goalie, it’s going to take a pay cut. And that’s undoubtedly where the matter becomes a little more complicated for the GM.

After all, Kent Hughes has often refused to withhold salary on a contract that isn’t about to expire. The exception to the rule? Jeff Petry in recent months.

But we had to get Mike Hoffman out of Montreal… even if he is now the club’s leading scorer with eight goals. We all agree that the Habs did the right thing in getting him out.

But hey. In the case of the Habs, you have to remember that a club can only withhold salary from three guys at a time. And right now, Joel Edmundson has six months left on his contract and Petry has 18 months left on his.

Withholding salary from Allen would handcuff the Habs this season (the GM couldn’t withhold any more at the deadline and at the draft), but it would also leave only one for next year.

That’s a big risk.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

It’s still early to agree to withhold 50% of Jake Allen’s contract for that reason. It just doesn’t seem worth it to the Habs GM right now.

Plus, Allen isn’t playing very well…

The Habs are probably betting that, as long as the club holds the fort with three goalies, we’ll get this: time will pass, Jake Allen’s contract will become less and less burdensome and his performance, in an ideal world, will improve.

Remember, the club’s GM doesn’t like it when he can’t maximize the value of his players.

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