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Elliotte Friedman: “if the offer is there, you have to trade Jake Allen”
Samuel Montembeault signed a new 3-year contract worth $9.45 million with the Montreal Canadiens last week.

The agreement begins next summer and will pay him $3.15 million per year until the end of the 26-27 season.

But now that the goaltender is under contract for several years, Kent Hughes can concentrate on sorting out the three-man household in front of the net.

The CH GM will have to decide which of Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau will be sacrificed for the good of the team, both in the short and long term.

No one thinks the same, and that’s the beauty of the story. In the eyes of some, Jake Allen is a good veteran who should stay in town to support Monty…

In the eyes of others, Jake Allen absolutely must leave because he’s getting in the way of Cayden Primeau’s progress…

And there are people like Elliotte Friedman, who believes that the Habs should trade Allen if the offer is there because there’s no point in having him in Montreal.

The Habs aren’t ready to win, after all, as the tipster explained on his podcast:

If the offer is there, you have to trade Jake Allen. And if you want to get another goalie after that, you’ve got all summer to do it. – Elliotte Friedman

Elliotte Friedman makes a good point.

As much as we love Jake Allen in Montreal because he helps the youngsters and has an important voice in the dressing room…

But there are Jake Allens all over the NHL. He’s not irreplaceable, and there are other goalies who can do the same job.

By trading Allen, the Habs could allow Cayden Primeau to play more. It’s rather difficult to assess his progress because he doesn’t play very often…

And if management really wants to see what he’s got, they owe it to themselves to give him a chance by trading Allen (or putting him on the waivers).

Given the importance of developing young players [insert Primeau’s name here]… The idea would make sense, at least.

In gusto

– Too bad.

– Bromance.

– Fun fact ahead of tonight’s game against the Kraken:

– Now that’s funny.

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