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Corey Perry should get money from the Chicago Blackhawks
The contract Corey Perry signed this summer in Chicago was worth $4 million.

And since he played about 25% of the 23-24 NHL season, he was entitled to one of the $4 million dollars in that contract.

But there’s a catch. An article on the TVA Sports website states that Perry is owed money by the Chicago Blackhawks right now, and the reason for this is pretty simple.

Perry has already received $2 million from the bonus that was attached to his signing.

This means that the veteran owes the Hawks about $1 million:

Perry finds himself in a bizarre situation, and it’s pretty rare that we see this kind of event in the NHL.

It should be noted that the player has the right to file a grievance with the Players’ Association in order to recover part of his salary following the termination of his contract. And according to the article above, “the matter is currently under review”.

But the repercussions of the Corey Perry situation go beyond the financial implications for the Chicago Blackhawks organization (and for the player).

Even so, the saga continues to reflect badly on the club, which doesn’t have the best image after the Kyle Beach story…

And it’s the team’s current players and fans who suffer. That’s what’s flat.

For Perry, let’s just say that “returning” $1 million isn’t TOO bad, in light of the fact that he hascareer earnings estimated at around $92.5 million, according to Cap Friendly data ….

– Excuse me?


– Go Gally!

– Eh boy.

– It’s a tight race.

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