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Connor Bedard lost his patience answering reporters’ questions in Winnipeg

Connor Bedard finds himself in a precarious situation even though he’s done nothing wrong.

After all, there was a rumor that Corey Perry had slept with the young man’s mother… And Kyle Davidson, the club’s GM, spoke out earlier this week to deny said rumor.

The Blackhawks are in Winnipeg for tomorrow’s game against the Jets. And the media in Winnipeg had a field day with Bedard, asking him questions about the impact the rumor has had on the team in recent days.

Bedard wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts:

It’s all bullshit. It’s definitely had an impact on me and my family. It’s just not fair. But it’s out of our control. It’s all fake and made-up stuff. – Connor Bedard

You’d think that’d be a pretty clear answer…

But journalists continued to ask him questions about the story. And Bedard finally lost his patience:

He did the right thing. Because at some point, it goes too far.

It’s also worth noting that comments on the internet have become so intense in recent days that Bedard’s mother has had to delete all her social media accounts.

It’s a shame, because no one deserves to be treated like that.

Let’s hope all this doesn’t go to his head on the ice, because he’s destined for a great future in the National League.

In gusto

– The Devils lose a big one.

– Huh! Cool experience.

– His progress is noticeable.

– Which team will he play for?

– Bon.

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