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A “small” nine-point weekend for Connor McDavid: finally

As you know, the Edmonton Oilers haven’t exactly had an easy start to the season. The goaltending controversy and the change of coach have been the talk of the town.

In the past, the Oilers relied on Connor McDavid, who was a force night after night, improving year after year. But this year, that’s not exactly the case… which exposes the organization’s weaknesses.

Like when Carey Price got hurt in Montreal, or something.

McJesus’ nine points in eight games in October would have made a lot of guys in the NHL happy, but it’s become clear that the Oilers need more than that.

But the problem was, in his first eight games of November, he had just four points, including two goals. That wasn’t enough for the Oilers, who lost five of those games.

In the last week, however, it’s been a different story. McDavid has taken matters into his own hands, and let’s just say his chances of being Player of the Week are good.

(Credit: ESPN)

Even though the Oilers lost their first two games of the week, he got two goals against the Panthers and an assist against Carolina. But he didn’t take it to the next level.

The Oilers center picked up four assists on Friday against the Capitals (5-0 win) and five points, including a goal, yesterday against the Ducks. That was part of an 8-2 win.

So, since Friday, the club has scored 13 goals in two games. In those two games, only two goals have been conceded. Both goals were conceded in the opening minutes of the match against Anaheim.

Note that it could have been more than 13 goals if the NHL had taken appropriate measures to review the goals, but that’s another debate.

The Oilers are currently out of the playoff race, with only three teams behind them in the West. The Alberta club, with 15 points in 20 games, is six points behind the Kraken for a playoff spot.

I don’t think that’ll be enough… but a good old rule of three tells us that if the trend continues, it might only take about 80 points to qualify for the playoffs in the West.

Obviously, it’s going to take more than McDavid to get that far. But right now, Leon Draisaitl (seven points in four games, 13 points in seven games) and Evander Kane (seven goals in seven games) are doing well.

We’ll just have to hope that Jack Campbell is good again or that Kent Hughes is more- ah pis laissez faire.

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– Oh well.

– Enjoy your listening.

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– Success must be cultivated.

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