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Jonathan Drouin already has more goals than last season
Remember Jonathan Drouin?

Yes, exactly, the extremely talented Quebec player who enjoyed an incredible career in Montreal over six fine seasons.

That’s the narrative that Montreal Canadiens fans would have liked to keep from Drouin’s time in Montreal.

Unfortunately, as everyone knows, things didn’t work out that way.

The Quebecer never lived up to the expectations of the Montreal public, and ended up becoming the Tricolore’s black sheep.

We all wanted to see Drouin become the point-per-game player we’d hoped to get when we sent Mikhail Sergachev to the Tampa Bay Lightning, but in the end, just the opposite happened.

In his best season with the CH (2018-2019), Drouin scored 18 goals and 53 points, a record he had already achieved with the Lightining in the 2016-2017 season.

And things didn’t get much better for Drouin in Montreal after that, as he put together one disappointing season after another.

To make matters worse, Drouin began his final season with the CH with a 38-game scoreless streak.

In the end, he scored just two goals in the final year of his contract with the Montreal Canadiens.

In short, Drouin went on to sign with the Avalanche in Colorado, where he plays more of a supporting role.

But at least he’s already scored more goals than last season, in 40 fewer games.

Drouin scored his third goal of the season yesterday, surpassing his two-goal haul of 2022-2023 with the Habs.

The 38-game scoreless streak certainly didn’t help.

That gives him six points in 18 games this season with the Avalanche.

That’s a slower rate of production than in his last season with the CH, when over 82 games, he would theoretically get 27 points.

Last season, he scored 29 in 58 games.

In short, yes, Drouin already has more goals than last season, but that doesn’t mean he’s performing superbly this season.

He’s gone through all the trios (starting from the top) before even being left out for two games.

On a more positive note, Drouin has three points in his last three games.

Let’s hope he can build on this good run.

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– I still can’t believeall he got was a fine.

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