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Craig Button corrects the record: Kaiden Guhle deserves to be in the top-50 young guns

Yesterday morning, I wrote about the fact that the Habs had only one young player aged 23 and under (or prospect) in the NHL’s top 50, according to TSN. We’re talking about Cole Caufield, who is in Craig Button’s top-10.

And let’s just say it got a reaction.

After all, given the number of youngsters the Habs have, it was surprising to see that the club only had Caufield. You know as well as I do how many good youngsters there are in Montreal…

And obviously, Craig Button has realized his mistake.

Because Montreal fans are more involved than elsewhere, a wave of discontent was raised, forcing Button to make an update on X.

He asserts that Kaiden Guhle deserves his place.

The hopeful expert says he’s throwing in the handkerchief himself for a penalty because he’s mad at himself for forgetting Kaiden Guhle in his countdown of the best youngsters.

Matt Coronato, officially the 50th player on the list, unofficially loses his place in the sun.

Button went further, mentioning that, in his opinion, he even deserved to be in the top-20. I know it’s human to err, but how can you forget a player who’s that good?

I’m asking for a friend.

This means that the CH defenseman, who looks like a veteran on the ice, is obviously recognized at his true worth for those who saw his tweet after reading the text.

But the fact remains that my conclusion from yesterday still stands: it takes top talent.

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