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Jake Allen: a magnificent mask honoring the people of Quebec
Last week, Samuel Montembeault unveiled a brand new mask paying tribute to Jacques Plante and the Sainte Flanelle.

It featured a big, traditional CH logo on top of the mask, Sam ‘s number 35 at the bottom (on a woolen design ) and the famous torch that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

This superb mask, designed and airbrushed by Sylvie Marsolais and Alexandre Mathys, has been worn by Montembeault for a few days now.

Montembeault isn’t the only Habs goaltender with a new mask to wear when he’s called upon (not often enough due to the ménage à trois, but hey) : Jake Allen also has a new mask in the Canadiens’ colors…

A new mask also designed and painted by Sylvie Marsolais and Alexandre Mathys.

Allen is protected by a mask with an even more vintage look, while red is predominant and only two things have been added to the red and blue background: the Canadiens logo on top (a la Patrick Roy) and the fleur-de-lys (which looks like the Lions logo) at the bottom. Splendid!

It’s always cool to see a professional athlete playing in Quebec show that they care about our Quebec roots. #FleurDeLys

Great timing too!

We saw how much the people of Quebec appreciated seeing the Alouettes coach ask his players to learn a few words in French. Connecting with the people who support you always brings the group together, while creating (or strengthening) bonds with your fans.

And… you don’t always have to do it with emotional denunciation like Marc-Antoine Dequoy! Not that it was bad – on the contrary – but Jake Allen doesn’t have Dequoy’s personality, and that’s just fine!

Jake Allen has also been wearing his new mask for a few days now.

I know it has nothing to do with their masks, but the goalies have done a good job since the start of the season, in a rather difficult context (ménage à trois). Let’s hope the players in front of them can take their game up a notch, because right now, I can’t think of a club that has improved since last year. This will be the subject of my feature article tomorrow, right here on the site…

In brief

– While we’re on the subject of goalie masks, the Lions’ goalies don’t leave their mark.

– Let’s relive THE moment… while thinking nice thoughts for Cody Fajardo.

– Doesn’t sound like someone who’ll be representing Slovakia at the World Junior Championships that….

– It’s expensive, the rookie dinner (which the CH held or will hold this week in California). Talk to P.J. Stock.

– No easy feat for a championship parade in the streets of Montreal!

– In closing, I’d like to acknowledge the passing of Mario Hudon, a monument to (sports) radio in Quebec City. Mario was battling ALS and asked for help to die. Eulogies have been pouring in since yesterday. Here are just a few, but you’ll find hundreds on social networks.

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