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Karl Tremblay the hockey player: JF Pauzé pays tribute to “his left winger
Earlier this week, Quebec was rocked by the death of Karl Tremblay. The Cowboys Fringants singer was only 47, as you know, and the cause was cancer.

Since Wednesday, a tsunami of love for the band has swept across the province. Everyone has an anecdote about the band or the singer himself.

Quebec is in pain.

Obviously, Karl Tremblay has left behind his wife and children, but also his entourage. This includes Jean-François Pauzé, the band’s guitarist and the singer’s great friend.

Pauzé and Tremblay met, as you may know, while playing hockey. Both have always loved playing and watching hockey, and it was this passion that set the stage for the start of their great musical careers.

And today, on social networks, it’s this aspect that the Cowboys guitarist wanted to highlight by posting a touching message to Karl, his left winger.

Pauzé says that, strangely enough, his best moments with Tremblay were hockey-related, not music- or Cowboys Fringants-related.

Why not? Because sport is an outlet. It’s a way of getting away from it all and taking your mind off things for a while.

The two friends played on the same line… but more importantly, they were in the same dressing room drinking beer together after games. The project often continued at Karl’s place, on the way back from the arena.

The guitarist recounts that after his game on Monday, two days before the singer’s death, he went by the Tremblay house to see if his friend was up and about. He was, and they had “a little last one” together.

It was 36 hours before his death, but despite everything, Karl Tremblay remained hopeful. He was burned, according to JF Pauzé, but he still took the time for his friend one last time.

All thanks to hockey, after all.


– In addition to being touching, this story reminds us of the importance of arenas that aren’t as big as the Bell Centre or the Centre Vidéotron. That’s why, when I see what’s happening with the arena in my part of the country, which is threatened more than ever, I think it’s a shame.

– Speaking of the singer :

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