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Lane Hutson spends almost every other minute on the ice since the start of the season

Do you enjoy watching Lane Hutson’s spectacular feints, precise passes and powerful shots?

If you answered “yes” to my last question, I invite you to tune in to the Boston Universty games on one of your screens, because Hutson plays a lot… a lot.

In fact, the little defender has been playing practically every other minute per game since the start of the season.

As Brad Elliott Scholssman pointed out this afternoon, the Boston University defender leads all players in terms of average playing time per game.

He’s more than a minute and a half ahead of his nearest challenger. That’s quite a difference.

The young man, aged just 19, not only plays a lot, but also accumulates points impressively. Last year, he broke several records and maintained a points-per-game average of around 1.23. And this year, he has a very similar output (1.22).

In nine games, he has 11 points, including eight goals. Since the start of the season, he’s been multiplying spectacular games and honours. He’s a very special kid.

To say I can’t wait to see him with the big club is an understatement. I sincerely hope he doesn’t play a third year of university. After all, we want to see him in Canada, close to our eyes.

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