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Miro Heiskanen wants to win the Norris Trophy in 2024
The famous Norris Trophy.

Many have a different vision of what constitutes the best defenseman.

In recent years, it has more often than not been awarded to the top scorer among defensemen over the course of the season.

That’s what happened with Erik Karlsson, who had a dream season with 101 points, including 25 goals.

When it comes to offensive talent, no one can deny that EK65 is probably one of the most dangerous, year after year… even though he’s now 33.

On the other hand, the vast majority of fans and field hockey experts will all say the same thing: Karlsson is not the league’s best defenseman.

Yet he has won the Norris Trophy, awarded to the NHL’s best defenseman.

Personally, I’ve always been on the side of those who believe that the Norris Trophy should be awarded to the best overall defenseman. Whoever has the most points doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best in his category.

Let’s face it, Karlsson is a real threat offensively, but has a lot of defensive shortcomings and isn’t the most physically involved, either.

However, Karlsson was by far the most productive, with a 25-point lead over the second and third highest scorers (Josh Morrissey and Quinn Hughes), and it would have been ridiculous not to give it to him.

After all, a defenseman who scores 100 points in a season isn’t something you find on the street. In fact, Karlsson became only the sixth player in history to do so.

Miro Heiskanen, the Dallas Stars’ blue-line quarterback, had an excellent season, collecting 73 points last year, more than double his previous season.

He told he’ll be in the hunt for the Norris Trophy next year.

“This is something I really want to win. I want to become the best defenseman in the NHL.” – Miro Heiskanen

And let’s face it, he’s got what it takes to get there.

Even if, at first glance, it seems a little egotistical to want to win this individual trophy, think again: it’s not his main goal.

“It’s the thing I want to win, but I don’t think about it too much during the season. It’s like I’ve always said, I’m trying to help my team win the Stanley Cup, but if I have a chance to win the Norris Trophy on top of that, that would be great.” – Miro Heiskanen

In addition to being the offensive leader of the Stars’ defensive brigade, the Finn is also physically very involved and not afraid to block shots. He also excels in the defensive zone.

For me, he’s the very definition of the Norris Trophy, but he’s still young and can always improve.

If he can reach the 80-point plateau, or average a point a game, he’ll definitely be in the Norris discussion in 2024, because he’s so complete.

Unless another defenseman breaks the 100-point barrier.

The 24-year-old defenseman had only one first-place vote last year, and finished seventh in the voting.

Stars head coach Peter DeBoer has his own idea of what the Norris Trophy should represent, saying the defenseman’s all-around game must be taken into account.

“The Norris is the best defenseman in the league, not just the top scorer. He [Heiskanen] has all the toughest assignments every night, stopping the best players, running down power plays and blocking shots. I think all these things have to be taken into account when choosing this player. I think Miro ticks all those boxes.” – Peter DeBoer

Heiskanen improved his shooting during the off-season, as he hopes to score more goals.

The 2023-2024 season for the Finn is likely to be a promising one.

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