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Wilfried Nancy’s comeback: a story of natural grass shows great tension

Even if I’m not the biggest soccer fan in Quebec (I follow CF Montreal’s activities, but I’m not a complete fan, let’s say), I always liked Wilfried Nancy during his time as CF Montreal’s coach. He exuded charisma and a kind of aura that made him very endearing.

I know their respective backgrounds aren’t the same, but he reminds me a little of Martin St-Louis in that sense. You’re not sure why, but you’d break down a wall for him.

That said, Nancy eventually left the club under rather nebulous circumstances. We know that his relationship with Joey Saputo wasn’t ideal and that the two had a good spat last year, but it was a shame to see him leave for Columbus.

Now, tonight, Nancy will be back at Stade Saputo with his new club. On the other hand, the tension between the two clubs seems to persist.

Why do I say this? Because Nancy told 98.5 Sports that CF Montreal had forbidden her to train on natural grass this week.

In fact, this would be the first time in the club’s history that it has refused such a request. Probably just coincidence that it’s against the club of his former coach, who left on bad terms, no?

And clearly, bitterness is present on both sides. Jeremy Filosa claims that last February, Nancy refused to play a preparatory match against CF Montreal, even though it was played on neutral ground in Miami.

What a coincidence!

Of course, on the public forum, Nancy makes sure to give CF Montreal some big love, having compared the club to the “Real Madrid of North America”. Nothing less.

But clearly, tonight’s match could provide some sparks. In addition to Nancy’s return, Rudy Camacho will also be back in town, and the Montreal CF are in the thick of the playoff race.

And yet, there are still tickets for sale. Imagine such a scenario with the Habs: it’s understood that all tickets would have been sold long ago.

In short, we’ll see what tonight’s showdown has in store for us, but clearly there’s still some bitterness between Nancy and her former club, on both sides.

It’s a real shame considering that Nancy was a coach much loved by the fans, but these things (unfortunately) happen.

In bursts

– What do you think?

– The Connor Bedard effect, as they say.

– Good start to the season for the Carabins.

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