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Some NHL players have the audacity not to wear shells

Gentlemen, I’d like to address you in particular.

Have you ever been hit where it hurts? I really think we can all be on the same page when I say it’s unpleasant.

It’s really unpleasant, in fact.

Here, take a little thirty seconds to imagine how much it must hurt, getting hit with a stick or a puck in the nuts. That’s what jockstraps are for, you might say… But some NHL players don’t seem to pay too much attention to their private parts.

Luke Gazdic, who played for the Oilers and Devils, sheds some light on the subject:

There are NHL players who don’t wear shells. On every team I’ve ever been on, there’s at least one guy who played without a jockstrap! – Luke Gazdic

Hey boy.

I don’t know about you, gents… But I like my nuts, me, and I pay attention to them.

On a more serious note, I can understand where this is coming from. Wearing a shell can get tiring for some, and sure enough, without a jockstrap, it’s easier to do leg movements….

But the bottom line remains the same. Every player should be obliged to protect his or her private parts, just as it’s obligatory to protect the head by wearing a helmet.

It’s not the same battle, because the brain is the most important part of the human body… But you get my point.

In the end, it’s the players who take the risk of damaging their genitals, and they’re the ones who’ll regret it when something happens.

At least, they’ll understand pretty quickly that it hurts and that it’s important to protect themselves if they eat a hit in the nuts.

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