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Potential U.S. team: too much talent to guarantee Cole Caufield a spot

It’s been far too long since we’ve had an international field hockey competition featuring ALL, and I mean ALL, of the world’s best field hockey players.

Sure, we have the World Hockey Championship every year during the NHL playoffs, as well as the World Junior Championship during the holiday season.

But that’s not enough to really compare today’s international field hockey powers.

Why not?

Because not ALL the world’s best players are there.

The Olympics usually give us a competition that allows us to properly compare each country’s talent, but unfortunately, the NHL hasn’t been to the Olympics since 2014 in Sochi.

That’s a real shame, especially considering we’re not likely to see the NHL at the Olympics again anytime soon.

In short, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to see the best possible teams from each country compete on the ice.

Even so, fans take comfort in comparing the potential teams from each country on paper.

Recently, Bardown influencer Jesse Pollock shared his personal lineups for the potential Canadian and U.S. national teams.

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It’s clear that these two teams are incredible and would be great to watch.

On the American side, the talent on the attack is truly impressive.

So impressive that Cole Caufield doesn’t even make the team!

And really, it’s not because he’s been forgotten, as Jesse Pollock explains in the video.

There’s simply too much talent to secure Cole Caufield a spot on any American team.

Caufield would most likely still be with the team if it ever made it to a tournament, but he would surely be an extra.

However, the CH forward would clearly be one of the first players back in the line-up if there’s ever an injury or if a player can’t/won’t take part in the tournament.

And of course, with time and a few more solid seasons behind the tie, Caufield will clearly have a place on this team.

He just needs to play more and show even more how much of a field hockey player he is, but especially how much of a goal scorer he is.

It really shows just how much offensive talent the USA currently has in field hockey, even if it isn’t one of the most popular sports in the States.

It’s also worth noting that the U.S. team has much better goaltending than Canada.

Connor Hellebuyck, Jake Oettinger and Thatcher Demko are probably all better than Carter Hart, Darcy Kuemper and Tristan Jarry.

It’s a real shame to see that Canada no longer produces top-notch goalkeepers like it used to.

We miss the Carey Price, Marc-André Fleury, Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur of this world.

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