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La Poche Bleue sold for up to $8.8 million

Over the past few years, La Poche Bleue has expanded. Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse’s project, which was launched during the pandemic, has become larger than life.

In addition to the basic podcast, a number of media partnerships (TVA Sports, 98.5 FM) were signed, and other aspects (notably alcohol) were developed from there. Several other podcasts were added.

And now the project has been sold by the two men. A company called Playmaker Capital Inc. bought 100% of La Poche Bleue.

The base price of the sale is $2.25 million, but the deal could go as high as $8.8 million. So it’s a very big deal between the guys at La Poche Bleue and Playmaker Capital Inc.

It’s ironic that a project designed to promote Quebec should be sold to Ontario interests, but that’s not the main point. The key point is that the people behind the project (Latendresse, Lapierre and general manager Louis-Philippe Dorais) will remain in place.

It will still be the same (there will be small changes in the product offered to customers, but as is the case every year), but with different owners.

I imagine a lot of people will weep since making money in Quebec is a bit of a taboo, but that’s the point of businesses: to make money from the core project.

And often, that means selling.

If the guys stick to the basic formula and stay in the picture for a long time, the product will remain what it is, and the pandemic project will have taken on enormous proportions.

All the signs point to this becoming an excellent business decision.


La Poche Bleue will not be returning to lunchtime with Stéphane Gonzalez. Gonzalez is taking over at BPM Sports, and the show will no longer be on the air.

This is not a disaster for LPB – quite the contrary.

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