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Alex Galchenyuk: His father fired Igor Larionov for playing time

Over the past few days, we’ve been hearing a lot about Alex Galchenyuk. The forward, who had just reached an agreement with the Coyotes, saw his contract terminated by the Arizona club following an arrest in which he behaved very inappropriately.

The good news, if there is any, is that he has agreed to seek help from the Player Assistance Program for his alcohol problem. We wish him all the best in this.

Now, we also know that his father was present the night of his arrest. He tried to take the blame for his son’s actions, but the cops obviously didn’t believe him.

And when you think of his father, you can’t help but think how much of a problem he was in the youngster’s career, even going so far as to override his coaches’ comments in order to focus on Dad’s.

Igor Larionov, who acted as Galchenyuk’s agent at the start of his career, claims that he was fired by the player’s clan because he refused to acquiesce to his father’s demand for more playing time in Montreal.

That’s what Pat Hickey reported this morning.

Larionov worked with Ian Pulver, who also represented the former CH forward. However, in 2015, the association between the two agents and the player’s clan suddenly came to an end, even though Galchenyuk was to negotiate a new contract.

The Hall of Famer argued that Chucky needed to be a little more patient rather than demand more ice time, but obviously that didn’t sit well with Galchenyuk’s father.

The Russian field hockey man explains that he worked hard to make Galchenyuk a better player and, above all, a better human being, even going so far as to say that he spoke more often to his client than to his wife at the time. But even so, the player and his family would have none of it: Chucky wanted to spend more time on the ice, and he wanted to do it playing center.

This led to the dismissal of Igor Larionov and Ian Pulver, who were replaced by Pat Brisson.

In the end, Larionov was right to teach the player that he would have to be more patient. That said, it’s worth noting that, once again, Galchenyuk’s family has done him no favours during his professional career.

I really wonder what his career would have been like if his father had kept his distance. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, and that’s a shame.

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