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Stu Cowan is one of those who still believes in Brendan Gallagher
Since signing his contract a few years ago, Brendan Gallagher has slowed down. Injuries have played a big part, but old age and his style of play have also been factors.

At $6.5 million a year, he was paid for what he brought, not what he WAS going to bring. And that was Marc Bergevin’s mistake at the time…

But hey, the contract is signed and we have to live with it. Because yes, we could buy out the contract, but it really wouldn’t be worth it. If that’s the option Kent Hughes is exploring, we’d have to pay him for eight years, and the CH’s payroll would take a hit when the team is competitive.

In short, the man who just proposed to his girlfriend still has supporters. Stu Cowan is one of them. He even believes that 11 can become the 20-goal scorer he once was.

Cowan didn’t give up on the guy.

Unlike his guest, Tony Marinaro thinks it’s hard work watching him play.

It’s true that Gallagher isn’t as fast and he plays on a less offensive trio, but he’s given his all for the organization and we can only applaud him. In the podcast, Cowan reminded people how well the forward did at the start of last season. Unfortunately, he only played 37 games, having been hampered by injury. It’s a shame, because he had said before the season that he was healthy.

I haven’t given up on Gallagher, but I don’t know if he’ll score another 20 goals. 15 goals would be a good start for someone who hasn’t scored that many since the 2019-2020 season.

One thing’s for sure: he’s got to stay healthy. But that’s easier said than done, especially in the best field hockey league in the world.


– Cole Caufield among the best.

– I’m not surprised.

– Spectacular.

– Glad to see him healthy.

– Surprise.

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