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Autonomy market: Jonathan Toews’ name wasn’t even on his agency’s list
In 15 seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews left his mark on the organization through his leadership and remarkable talent.

In 1067 games in red, he collected 883 points, including 372 goals. But as all good things must come to an end, his star seems to be fading. By drafting Connor Bedard, a new era has begun in the Windy City, but another is ending at the same time, with the departures of Toews and Patrick Kane.

Both are still looking for a contract, by the way. While Kane still has some good field hockey to give, it’s more uncertain for Toews, who doesn’t even know if he’ll be playing in 2023.

At 35, 19 could sign a small contract to win one last Stanley Cup and help a team that needs a guy like him. As I write this, I’m thinking directly of the Edmonton Oilers. In fact, it’s no secret that Edmonton GM Ken Holland is interested in his services.

At minimum wage, Toews could be a rare find.

But the same question always comes up: will he play this season?

A few days ago, we learned fromMark Spector that the former Hawks captain’s agency didn’t even have Toews’ name on its list of free agents. And yet, he is indeed a free agent.

The last few seasons have been difficult for the veteran, who recently celebrated his 35th birthday. In the shortened season of 2021, he missed the entire year due to complications related to COVID-19. And more recently, in 2022-2023, he played just 53 games.

The guy will have won everything in his career, and if he’s too banged up to continue playing field hockey, he should take some time to reflect. If he’s old for the NHL, he’s young for life in general. Over the course of his career, he’s made a lot of money, and at 35, he’s still got his whole life ahead of him. It would be a shame for him to jeopardize his retirement for another year…

In short

– No surprise there.

– Big win before the break.

– Montreal will cross swords with the Lions.

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