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Matvei Michkov: Agent says CH is “really interested” in him
You should be looking at my face right now, a few hours before the first round of the NHL draft.

I’ve been smiling ever since… because, like everyone else, I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

Most of all, we’re keeping an eye on what’s going on with Matvei Michkov. After all, we’ve been saying it a lot over the last few days: he’s the superstar of this year’s draft.

The latest news is that…

No. We don’t know very much, actually. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding the young Russian player and his next destination that, in the end, nobody knows what to think.

It’s probably the first time I’ve seen that in a draft. We’re not even talking about Connor Bedard, so much so that Michkov’s name is generating interest all over the NHL… And yet, Bedsy is the best NHL prospect since Connor McDavid.

Anthony Martineau, who is currently in Nashville, posted an interesting tweet in the last hour. He managed to speak with Michkov’s agent, Max Moliver, who told TVA Sports that the meeting between the player and the CH went well.

We knew that Kent Hughes liked the impression Michkov gave during the interview in question. But it’s getting to the point where the youngster’s agent feels that the Habs are “really interested” in him (speaking of Michkov) because things went so well with CH management.

Well, these are certainly interesting comments for the CH and for those who would like to see the Russian arrive in Montreal…

But not so fast.

There really is a world out there where Mishkov isn’t around when the Habs take to the podium to announce their pick. In that light, the CH could end up with Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson or Will Smith…

And the latter made a point of reminding Georges Laraque that he’d really like to wear the Flanelle uniform, because playing for the Habs would be special :

The wait is almost over.

It’s about time, you might say… And I agree. We’ve been talking for weeks about the thousand and one possibilities open to the CH, and tonight we’ll finally have the answer to our questions.

That said… I’ll ask the question one last time. I promise.

Will the Habs select Matvei Michkov tonight?

In gusto

– Adding fuel to the fire :

– Alex Newhook is leaving the Avalanche with a heavy heart.

– Nice contract.

– Even Sami Zayn can’t wait.

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