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It could be months before we know whether Patrick Roy will get his chance in Ottawa.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if Patrick Roy, who has left the Quebec Remparts and will be replaced by Simon Gagné on the second floor, wants to return to the NHL, it has to be through the Ottawa Senators.

After all, we suspect it would be as coach only (and not with a VP position as in Denver) and everyone currently has a coach in place – or in the pipeline, in Columbus’ case.

The Maple Leafs could fire Sheldon Keefe, but I don’t think Brad Treliving would have Roy in his sights.

The Senators’ case, as you know, is different. After all, he has a relationship with Michael Andlauer, who is going to buy the club, and Pierre Dorion has already considered giving him a chance in 2019. The latter could leave, but hey.

All that to say, his ties to the Senators could help him find his way back to the NHL via the club from the Canadian capital. That remains to be seen, since there’s no indication that the position will open up in Ontario.

But if it does, it could be a long time coming.

In fact, although Michael Andlauer will be the club’s new owner, it’s important to know that he doesn’t yet have a say in decisions, since the transaction isn’t yet official.

In reality, this could take months. This was also the case in Montreal in 2009.

If the Sens aren’t officially sold by the end of the summer, which is possible, Andlauer won’t have time to make his first big decisions at the head of the team.

So don’t expect any major changes this summer. Pierre Dorion and DJ Smith seem to be here to stay… in the short term, at least.

I have a feeling that Dorion, who doesn’t seem to want to fire his coach (and who probably can’t add a coaching contract to the payroll either), is here to stay.

If the Sens were to make a change, I think it would be during the season and not at the start of camp, when Andlauer should be taking possession of his club.

Yes, it’s a long time coming.

So Patrick Roy can enjoy his vacation in Europe: I don’t think the phone is about to ring for him. Still, it’s something to keep an eye on for the man who says he hasn’t had any contact with the NHL recently.

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