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The situation behind the bench in Toronto is, well… very, very unclear.
The last few weeks have been no picnic for the Leafs organization and its fans. After all, things began to unravel rather quickly following the dismissal of Kyle Dubas.

Even so, there are still unanswered questions as of today. When I say that, I’m thinking mainly of the situation surrounding Auston Matthews and his uncertain future in the Queen City…

But I’m also thinking about Sheldon Keefe. The Leafs haven’t shown him the door yet, and there’s no indication that the organization is currently looking for a new head coach, according to Elliotte Friedman’s latest information.

The Sportsnet tipster, speaking on his 32 Thoughts Podcast, confided that he’s been trying to find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes in Toronto… But it’s radio silence.

I don’t know what’s taking so long. I thought an announcement would be made earlier this week. – Elliotte Friedman

According to him, the Leafs haven’t met with anyone to replace Sheldon Keefe yet. That doesn’t mean they will… Nor does it mean that Sheldon Keefe will start next year in Toronto.

The situation behind the bench in Toronto is, how can I put this… Very, very unclear.

The Leafs had better act fast if they want to make another call on Sheldon Keefe.

After all, the draft is coming up and so is the opening of the free agent market.

Add to that the fact that Matthews is waiting to see what the organization will do with his coach before making a decision about his future in Toronto, as he will be as free as a bird next summer…

And let’s not forget that on July 1, a no-movement clause comes into effect in the American’s contract .

We’ve seen several teams hire new coaches in the last two weeks (Ducks, Flames, Blue Jackets) and there are still some interesting candidates on the “coaching market”.

But that’s not the point. The Leafs need to get serious about making a decision soon, before things start to go south for them.

Seeing so much uncertainty behind the bench doesn’t help the Auston Matthews situation, and it won’t help the team attract free agents this summer. It just makes sense.

If I’m aware of it, so are the Leafs. Why, then, is it taking so long for details to emerge regarding Sheldon Keefe’s situation and Toronto’s head coaching position?

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