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Maple Leafs GM: let’s not dismiss Kevin Weekes too quickly
Right now, two teams are looking for a GM: the Maple Leafs and the Penguins.

In fact, here I go again. After all, the Penguins aren’t looking for a GM: they’re waiting to see if Kyle Dubas is interested in the vacant position. And all indications are that he wants it.

That leaves one real race: the Toronto job.

We know that names like Brad Treliving and Marc Bergevin are circulating in the Queen City, but we also know that every self-respecting race has candidates we can’t identify.

What if Kevin Weekes was a candidate for the Maple Leafs?

In reality, we know that Brendan Shanahan prefers an experienced GM, but he can’t be completely closed to the idea of hiring a less experienced GM to whom he could impose decisions more easily, can he?

The point is, Weekes isn’t the most talked-about name when it comes to hiring personnel, but he’s understandably in some of the running.

He was a candidate in Montreal (he speaks French) when Jeff Gorton, a TV colleague, was looking for someone he could trust, and you’d think his name would be circulating a bit in Toronto. How much? Difficult to say.

But it’s safe to assume that Brendan Shanahan, his former team-mate in New York and New Jersey, might be (or has been) beckoning him for an interview.

If so, the Maple Leafs would potentially be getting their hands on a popular man. His presence on social networks is excellent, and the man who’s been on TV for the past few years is entertaining.

Is he respected enough to be a GM? I think so because he has a lot of antennae in the field hockey world, but maybe that’s not true.

Weekes, who became an American citizen a few months ago, is a native of Toronto. He played his junior field hockey in Ontario, but has never played for the Maple Leafs in his career. Is he the Maple Leafs’ #1 candidate? Probably not.

But in fact, because his name comes up informally every time (not every time, but sometimes…) a GM is shown the door, it’s safe to assume that Toronto is evaluating his candidacy.

And if he gets the job, I want to see him announce it via a poorly-framed video. That goes without saying.

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