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Draft: We have to wonder if Adam Fantilli has cemented his place at No. 2

Adam Fantilli has proven in recent months that he’s one hell of a field hockey player. After all, few 18-year-olds are able to dominate the NCAA the way he did in his first season with the University of Michigan.

His 65 points in 36 games are proof enough. And let’s not forget that the Canadian-born player also won the Hobey Baker Trophy for his exploits in 2022-2023.

After all, it’s not for nothing that he’s seen as the second overall pick in the next draft by most experts. But on that subject…

It seems that not everyone agrees that he’s the second-best player in the next draft. Stéphane Leroux shared this view a month or so ago, during a broadcast of L’Antichambre, revealing that Fantilli was fifth on his list of top prospects.

And now, his performance at the World Championship is causing doubt to creep into the minds of some. I’m one of them. Yes, there’s no doubt that Fantilli is younger than average, and there’s no doubt that he’s up against more talented players than he is.

However, as Maxime Truman explained earlier today on BPM Sports, this isn’t the first time the youngster has disappointed on the international scene. It’s worth remembering that he didn’t have a big tournament at the World Junior Championship, even though he was still able to carve out a place for himself with the team at the age of 18…

I said it at the outset and I’ll say it again. Adam Fantilli is an excellent field hockey player.

But on the other side of the coin, when you look at the players who will be available to the Ducks at No. 2, there are so many interesting choices. Could a Leo Carlsson or a Will Smith manage to get ahead of him in the first round, which takes place on June 28 in Nashville?

Is Fantilli’s performance on the international scene scaring off the various NHL scouts, when he probably should have been better?

In fact, Fantilli should have been one of Canada’s very good players at the World Junior Championship. It’s a bad comparison, but Bedard, at 17, completely dominated the competition… Whereas Fantilli had a hard time making his mark.

In a nutshell.

It’s an interesting discussion, I must admit. Especially with all the talented young players we’re eyeing for the next draft.

In reality, Fantilli would probably have come second (or first) in many of the recent drafts… But this year’s competition is just too fierce.

Stay tuned.

In gusts

– Well. I hope so!

– I never thought I’d say this a few months ago… But, I see the Panthers winning the Stanley Cup.

– No choice.

– Heading for the quarter-finals for FAA.

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