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Draft: Matvei Michkov not expected to take part in NHL combine
The next NHL draft is only six weeks away, but excitement is already running high among fans.

Given that the Habs have the fifth pick and may have the opportunity to land a top player, you’ll understand that the excitement is even greater in Montreal.

Matvei Michkov is often talked about around town, and you’ll understand that the subject always gets a reaction. I don’t think I need to tell you why.

The Russian has stated his intention to enter the draft (at least the first round, because technically he should go in the top-10) and the kid admits he’s excited about what lies ahead.

Mishkov also talked about his plans for the combine in an interview with a Russian website (Match TV). He confessed that he “hasn’t heard much” about the NHL combine, and therefore feels he shouldn’t take part.

I probably won’t be there and I’ll go to the draft in June […] It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen there, and what emotions it’s going to be. – Matvei Michkov

Marc Dumont (Montreal Hockey Now) has written an article on the subject:

It’s still very interesting. Why?

Because it usually serves as an interesting exercise to determine the fitness of the prospects in question.

It’s often said that with Michkov, it’s difficult to evaluate his record because you don’t necessarily have access to all his KHL games…

And then, teams will have to “deprive themselves” of seeing how he performs against the conditioning drills.

At the very least…

The good news is that he’ll be able to attend the draft in person. He’ll get to experience the moment he’s been waiting for.

Could seeing him miss the combine have an impact on his selection rank at the next draft? I tend to think so.

The conventional wisdom is that Michkov is a more than talented player. Let’s not forget that a year ago, people were wondering whether he’d be the first pick in the 2023 draft…

But recent developments in his situation in Russia have put a spanner in the works.

In gusto

– That’s a good one.

– Good news for the Mooseheads.

– Wow, quite simply!

– Sad news in the sports world.

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