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Coyotes: the moving jokes continue on their Twitter account
The Arizona Coyotes posted a message on their Twitter account on Friday morning, explaining that the organization would unveil its plans for a new amphitheater if the publication reached 20,000 likes. The post quickly reached that mark, and the social network manager decided it would be funny to play a joke on the Twitter community.

The organization did indeed publish a tweet saying that the wait was over. It invited fans to click on the link in the tweet, which led to an almost empty website.

On the site, you can see the title: “NEW ARENA PLANS”. There’s also a video that takes up the rest of the space on the page. The video is actually the music video for Rick Astley’s song Never gonna give you up , which plays on a loop for over 10 hours.

See for yourself.

I don’t think this is a very good idea. Most Coyotes fans were disappointed to learn that there will be no new development for an amphitheatre in Tempe, and they’re being fooled by the team’s social media manager.

What you need to understand is that the organization did a Rick Roll. A Rick Roll means sending the video of Never gonna give you up to someone and having them open it without realizing what they’re about to see.

This joke dates back to the early days of YouTube for a few years before 2010.

The problem here is really the lack of information being sent to fans. I understand that the Coyotes want to stay in Arizona, but we need to stop fooling fans.

In a gust

– There are a lot of people in Quebec City.

– That was some puck!

– Bergevin could be back as GM.

– Gauthier will be a player to watch at the draft.

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