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GM: Marc Bergevin didn’t make it past the first round of interviews in Pittsburgh
Credit: This man was still the Habs' GM when Gallagher scored his most recent goal.

Marc Bergevin’s name has been circulating a lot lately.

Some rumours have linked him to the general manager position in Calgary, and we know that the former Flanelle GM interviewed for the vacant Pittsburgh position. As a reminder, the Penguins fired Ron Hextall and are currently looking for his replacement.

We don’t know how the interview went for Bergevin, but one thing is certain. The Penguins have decided to make another call.

At least, that’s what Elliotte Friedman told us in the latest episode of his podcast (32 Thoughts).

The Sportsnet tipster also reported that, at the moment, John Chayka, Mathieu Darche, Dan MacKinnon, Eric Tulsky and Steve Greeley or Jason Karmanos are in the running for the Pittsburgh GM position.

It’s 2023 and women’s place in the world of sports is becoming increasingly popular.

So, the Penguins met with Kate Madigan and Meghan Duggan for the GM position. But, if Friedman’s comments are anything to go by…

The two ladies in question are no longer in the running.

Back to Bergevin.

Clearly, he’ll have to wait a little longer before finding himself a GM job in the NHL. But seeing his name linked to certain rumours leads me to believe that this is a good sign for the future…

And to see that he (at least) interviewed with the Penguins is also a good example.

The fact is, Marc Bergevin has excellent qualities as a GM. We have to be honest in saying that he did a good job overall when he was with the Flanelle, even if some of his decisions still leave something to be desired.

But hey. Nobody’s perfect in life. Right?

As for what’s next for Pittsburgh, a little birdie tells me that Mathieu Darche will (finally) get the chance to make his mark as general manager in the big leagues.

I could be wrong… But if I had an old $2 to bet, that’s the direction I’d go in.

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