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The CH doesn’t seem to want to draft Matvei Michkov (according to Stéphane Leroux)

Matvei Michkov is one of the most difficult prospects to evaluate for the upcoming NHL draft. On the ice, the caliber of his game is probably similar to Connor Bedard’s, but the fact that he’s currently in Russia and will (probably) be there for the next three years means that there are risks involved.

After all, there’s a chance he’ll never make the jump to America, which would be pretty catastrophic for a team that selects him very highly.

And that seems to be scaring off some clubs. The Blue Jackets seem to be among those who don’t seem to want to draft him to save themselves any headaches, preferring a guy like Will Smith instead.

But the Jackets wouldn’t be the only ones in this situation: according to Stéphane Leroux, who chatted with “decision-makers” at the CH, he would be very surprised if the Tricolore decided on the Russian forward.

And that’s even if he’s still available at No. 5.

More details to come…

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