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Kyle Dubas taunts Tampa Bay Lightning fans
Once again this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs face a crucial and important playoff series.

As everyone knows, the team has been destined for success for several years now, but each time, they find a way to lose in the first round, or even in the preliminary round of the 2020 series.

The Leafs haven’t won a series since 2004.

This year, however, it’s all the more decisive for the Leafs in terms of their playoff failures.

And why is that?

Well, because the team’s general manager, Kyle Dubas, doesn’t have a contract for next season, so another first-round loss could very well sign his death warrant in Toronto.

What’s more, whether Dubas stays or not, if the Leafs lose again in the first round, there’s sure to be a major housecleaning, because at some point, the curse has lasted long enough for Toronto.

It’s time to move on.

Dubas knows all this.

So much so, in fact, that he’s not shy about letting his emotions and a certain intensity shine through from the press gallery, even in Tampa.

Indeed, last night, Dubas had no qualms about taunting Tampa Bay Lightning fans during the game.

We don’t know what Dubas is saying to his fans, but I’d bet my life he’s not wishing them an early Merry Christmas.

The Leafs’ GM is very intense in these playoffs, and rightly so.

He’s in the hot seat, so a little emotion on his part clearly doesn’t hurt.

Here are his reactions to the Leafs’ important goals last night, from Ryan O’Reilly (the tying goal) and Morgan Rielly (the overtime winner).

For those wondering, yes, that is indeed Jason Spezza next to Dubas. He retired last summer and accepted a position in Leafs management.

In short, it’s great to see a GM so expressive and so passionate, even if it’s the Leafs.

It reminds us of Marc Bergevin and his famous red suit during the CH’s incredible playoff run in 2021.

In short, it’s nice to see some passion from Dubas, especially considering there hasn’t always been any in Toronto on the ice in recent years.

In fact, since 2004. Yes, I like to remember that for as long as it lasts.

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