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Only four Habs prospects will play in the CHL next season
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For a rare occasion, Canadiens fans won’t have many quality prospects to watch in the Canadian Hockey League in 2023-24. In fact, only four Habs prospects will play in the Canadian junior circuits.

We’re not used to that in Montreal, especially when fans keep asking for Quebecers in the organization.

Goaltenders Quentin Miller and Mikus Vecvanags will play in the QMJHL, Owen Protz will play in the OHL and Tyler Thorpe will play in the WHL.

Since joining the Habs, Kent Hughes has taken part in three drafts and selected a total of 30 players. He hasn’t picked very often in the Canadian realm.

Of the 30 players selected in the draft by Kent Hughes, only eight were in the CHL. That number could have risen to nine with Filip Mesar, but he was playing in Slovakia when he was selected.

That’s all well and good, but it only partly explains why Montreal only has four players in the CHL, not to mention that we’re not talking about prospects with huge potential.

Well, the Laval Rocket is currently playing the role of parent company to the Canadiens’ prospects. No fewer than 16 Habs prospects will be playing for the Rocket next season.

It’s a great way to help them develop by playing against men at the professional level.

Kent Hughes may not have drafted many CHL players in his early years with the Canadiens, but that’s no reason to get carried away.

The Canadiens still have 12 picks in their next draft, and will be able to pick up other CHL prospects. They will be added to those who will be there this year.

Three of the four Canadiens prospects who will be playing in the CHL in 2023-24 will certainly be back in the league in 2025-26, barring a turn of events.

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