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The idea of the Habs offering Max Pacioretty a contract is circulating
Credit: Getty Images
Max Pacioretty enjoyed success during his years with the Canadiens.

He had some of the most productive seasons of his career playing in Montreal, and even wore the “C” on his jersey for a few seasons in town.

And now, with Pacio still out of contract for next season… the idea of him returning to the Habs is circulating.

In fact, the discussion was sparked after a photo of Pacio, who was spotted in Montreal recently, was shared on social networks.

That said, the boys at HFTV shared said photo wondering if the Habs should sign Pacioretty…

And the post generated a hundred comments:

But in all this, you have to ask yourself if it makes sense for a club like the Habs.

After all, Pacioretty is 35 years old and has suffered some very serious injuries in recent years.

He’s slowed down on the ice, and he doesn’t score goals like he did at the start of his career in Montreal.

He finished last season with just four goals in 47 games… which isn’t enough for a scorer like him.

Because if Pacio can’t find the back of the net, he’s of little use to a team if he’s not the fastest and if there are defensive gaps in his game.

At this age – and especially in the shape he’s in – he’s of little use to the Habs.

All he’ll be doing is taking the place of a youngster who needs to play to progress in Martin St-Louis’ line-up. There won’t be a thousand places available in Montreal at forward next season anyway, and it would be pointless to give one to a 35-year-old player who is no longer advancing because he’s been mortgaged by injuries.

Let’s forget it. It just doesn’t make sense.

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