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NHL’s top goaltenders: Montembeault ranked 34th in poll
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Samuel Montembeault has been with the Canadiens for three years now. The goaltender, acquired through the waivers, has done an excellent job, to the point where the Habs have made it quite clear that they want to give him the chance to be the club’s #1 goaltender.

He has a three-year contract (at $3.15 million a year), and Jake Allen was traded to give Montembeault (and Cayden Primeau) more games.

And so far, he’s proving he has the talent to earn that chance. Last year, his 3.14 goals-against average and 0.903 save percentage impressed, especially since he doesn’t have a big club in front of him.

That said, across the NHL, he doesn’t necessarily seem to have a high popularity rating. In fact, in a fan poll conducted by the JFresh account, Internet users were asked to rank the best goaltenders on the Bettman circuit…

And Montembeault ranks 34th.

Just ahead of Montembeault is Jake Allen, who was clearly not as good as the Quebecer when the two shared the net in Montreal. Thereare other surprising names ahead of Monty… but Allen is probably the most surprising of the lot.

Another former Habs player, Charlie Lindgren, is ahead of the Quebecer. Lindgren is 21st on the list after a very solid season in 2023-24.

One wonders if Montembeault’s place in the rankings is partly due to the fact that the Habs don’t have a big roster and, consequently, the goalie doesn’t get the chance to show off in front of a bigger audience. He was able to do so at last year’s World Championship (where he excelled), but it’s not as if he had the chance to shine in the playoffs, for example.

I’m not saying he deserved to be in the top-10… but 34th seems low for a guy who’s doing a very solid job with what he’s got in front of him.

And when you look at the rest of the standings, you can also see that the Habs’ other goalie, Cayden Primeau, isn’t even in the league’s top-64. Considering there are 32 teams and each team normally only has two goalies… it’s not ideal.

That said, Montembeault can at least take solace in the fact that at this time last year, he was ranked 47th in the same poll.

And if he has another great season next year, maybe he’ll get a little more respect this time next year.


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