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Michael Hage: a superb goal and assist in the Red vs White match
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

It’s July and Friday. It’s a beautiful day outside.

But never mind, the Habs are still able to fill their training center so that fans can see some of the club’s top prospects. And most of the big hopefuls aren’t there.

As demanding as Montreal can be for Habs players, there’s something magical about it all.

Obviously, there were a few big names we had to keep an eye on more than the others. Jacob Fowler is one of them, and he’s a prospect who’s very popular with fans in front of the net.

When he does this, it obviously pleases the fans in attendance.

That said, because Michael Hage was a first-round pick by the Habs last week, it’s logical to assume that he’s the one getting the attention on the heels of today’s game.

And he didn’t disappoint.

Throughout the game, it was clear that his speed, which has been the talk of the town lately, is impressive. He’s agile on the ice, and he used it to score a beautiful goal.

It’s an intra-squad game, I know… but still.

Then, a few seconds later, he was an accomplice to a goal via a beautiful play. It’s clear that he’s comfortable and able to use his tools properly.

Because throughout the game, he looked like a good player.

Florian Xhekaj looked good, Tyler Thorpe came out on top, Joshua Nadeau found the back of the net regularly and Owen Beck suffered a lower-body injury.

This was the last big item of the development camp.


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