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Florian Xhekaj and Michael Hage stand out this week says Francis Bouillon
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That’s it: the development camp is behind us.

It was nice to see a few Flanelle prospects show up at camp to show off their skills and test themselves against some of the organization’s big guns.

It’s a good way to win points, let’s say.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, Michael Hage stood out this week. This was particularly the case in the intra-team match of the day, but it’s true of his week as a whole.

Better that than the other way around.

Francis Bouillon admitted in front of the media that the first choice of 2024 was indeed among the players who caught the eye during the week. But he wasn’t the only player who stood out.

Florian “The Unicorn” Xhekaj also stood out, said Bouillon, the player development coach.

That’s true during the week, but it’s also clear that for those who haven’t had a chance to see everything that’s been going on and who only saw this morning’s game, the Sheriff’s brother stood out.

He was excellent this morning. He looked like a man in front of children, in some respects.

For Xhekaj, it’s interesting. After all, the Canadiens prospect has been on a meteoric rise in the OHL this season and we’re clearly seeing the fruits of his efforts right now.

Arber’s brother doesn’t want to go back to junior, and today’s game shows that when he plays against youngsters his own age, he’s capable of dominating on the ice.

If there’s room for him, I’d love to see what he’s got up his sleeve against men, in Laval, under… someone. Xhekaj has reached this point in his progression after taking off in junior.

But to earn his place in the pros, he still has some way to go at the club’s next camp.


– A medical update is expected for Owen Beck, who was injured today.

– A few contracts in Seattle.

– Well done.

– Dylan Coghlan in Manitoba?

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