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Jacob Fowler’s new mask pays tribute to Patrick Roy
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Jacob Fowler is the Habs’ top goalkeeping prospect.

He just dominated the NCAA in his first college season, and stands out for his calmness in front of the net.

We’re also talking about a young man who is very confident in life in general.

Fowler, who is in Brossard this week on the heels of the Canadiens’ development camp, has been given a new mask… And let’s just say he’s going to make some friends in Montreal.

And why?

Because his helmet is a tribute to Patrick Roy.

It’s an (almost identical) replica of the mask Roy wore when he played for the Montreal Canadiens.

When you look at the result, you realize that the two masks (Roy’s and Fowler’s) look very similar.

An excellent idea:

(Credit: Classic Auctions)

I love the concept.

In fact, I love the details in terms of the colors and design on the mask.

It’s just beautiful.

Fowler knows very well that Patrick Roy is a legend in Montreal with what he accomplished with the Habs, and he wanted to remind fans of that with his new mask.

I imagine Patrick Roy will have a smile on his face when he sees the mask’s creation… And I imagine Patrick Roy can’t wait to see Jacob Fowler and shake his hand.

After all, if Patrick Roy stays in New York for a long time as head coach of the Islanders, he should have the opportunity to meet the young Canadien goalie in the next few years.

At the very least, it would be cool to see Fowler and Roy together talking about the mask.


– He looks good behind the bench!

– Steve Yzerman isn’t done shopping.

– Allez!

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