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Another Boston connection for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton
Credit: Getty Images
Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have been hard at work since they took over the helm of the Habs. But behind the scenes, a great deal of work is being done by members of their team, particularly in the area of scouting.

The two leaders don’t hesitate to surround themselves with people they know well, and it’s no surprise to see a number of hires from the Boston area. Hughes and Gorton have a particular attachment to this city.

So it’s no surprise to see that the head of North American scouting is now someone who has worked extensively in Boston universities.

After stints at Northeastern, Boston University and Harvard as a coach, Albie O’Connell now occupies this role. He scouted for the Habs in 2022-2023, but will now have a more prominent role.

Gorton was born in the region and began his professional career in the Bruins organization. He was assistant manager of the Bruins for several years, before returning to New York as general manager. His son also plays for the Boston University Terriers.

Kent Hughes graduated from Boston College. His son plays at Northeastern University.

So it’s only natural that the two Habs executives would turn to people who work at institutions they know quite well.

It’ll be interesting to see the results and the finds that O’Connell can make in the region.


– Good signing for the Canes.

– He was already dominant.

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