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The Golden Knights offered Marchessault the same amount as the Preds
Credit: Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Jonathan Marchessault surprised many by signing with the Nashville Predators. Clearly, there was a disconnect with the Golden Knights, but his destination was nothing short of nebulous.

In recent days, we’ve learned that he came close to signing with the Habs, making the Sainte-Flanelle a finalist for his services.

Now Marchessault has revealed that he has received an offer from Vegas for the same amount of money he accepted in Nashville.

However, there’s a big difference: his contract contained a lot of money at the end rather than at the beginning, something he didn’t like.

However, I don’t think it was a question of money in his case. There seemed to be a huge gap between him and the Knights organization. Even before the season ended, the experts agreed that he wouldn’t be back.

Had he felt more appreciated, I’m sure he would have found a way to help the team fit his contract into the payroll. This is clearly why Vegas wanted to offer him a contract that was out of the ordinary.

Another clue that the Knights weren’t even on Marchessault’s radar was when he addressed the media and named the Habs as a finalist.

We now know that the Tricolore didn’t want a 4 or 5-year contract for him. Even so, he came very close to playing in Montreal.

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for Marchessault, who, alongside Steven Stamkos, will be able to compete for another Stanley Cup.

Nashville has given itself the means to not only make the playoffs, but to stay up late into the spring waltz.

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