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Juraj Slafkovsky contract: no-trade clause starting in 2029-2030
Credit: Getty Images
Juraj Slafkovsky has pleased many Habs fans in recent days by signing an 8-year contract extension worth an average of $7.6 million per season.

With one year remaining on his rookie contract, the Slovak is signed for the next nine years.

Tonight, other interesting details about Slafkovsky’s contract were revealed.

PuckPedia reports that starting with the 2029-30 season, he has a 10 team no-trade clause in his contract, running until the end of his contract in 2033.

It’s a clause that makes sense when you look at the year in which it kicks in.

A player is eligible for free agency in the seventh year after arriving in the NHL. In Slafkovsky’s case, that would have been 2029.

This is undoubtedly why there is no no-trade clause before the 2029-2030 season.

One thing’s for sure, Slafkovsky will have several years to make a splash in Montreal. Already one of Montreal’s most popular players, his progress over the past season leads us to believe that he will be quite a player at his peak.

This contract could quickly become a steal for Kent Hughes. Slafkovsky made one thing clear: he wanted to stay in Montreal for the long haul and was prepared to leave dollars on the table to do so. Now that he has, he can focus on the upcoming season.

The Habs forward is preparing for the new season back home in Slovakia.


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