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Daniel Jacob will be back behind the Rocket’s bench
Credit: Getty Images

The Laval Rocket is looking not only for a head coach, but also for another assistant behind the club’s bench. As of this morning, Martin Laperrière was the only man in place as an assistant.

And this lunchtime, the Rocket made an announcement.

Daniel Jacob, who was an assistant with the Rocket from 2018 to 2021 (during the years Joël Bouchard was the Rocket’s coach), is returning to Laval in the same capacity.

He will have been hired by both Marc Bergevin’s and HuGo’s administration.

Jacob followed Bouchard everywhere from 2014 to 2024. Whether in Blainville, Laval, San Diego or Syracuse last year, he was always his right-hand man behind the bench.

But recently, he left the Syracuse Crunch and the rumors were bringing him back to Laval.

The announcement came after Jacob was spotted on the ice in Brossard this morning, on the heels of the Habs’ development camp, which takes place this week. Everything was in place for him to be named assistant in Laval.

So if you do the math, the Laval Rocket has its two assistants, but no head coach yet. It’s rare for an assistant to be named before the coach, isn’t it? It’s not impossible, but it is unusual.

But I have a theory.

Could it be that the head coach has been found (which would explain the hiring of the assistant), but can’t be named right now? If so, could it be Sylvain Favreau, whom the Habs seem to hold in high esteem?

This week, Favreau is at the Nashville development camp. And from what we hear, he’s well and truly in the thick of the race for the position vacated by Jean-François Houle, who left for the NCAA.


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