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Rutger McGroarty: the Habs can still hope
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By this point, you know: the Habs have had some interest in Rutger McGroarty at the draft. The Jets’ top prospect is up for trade, and two clubs (the Habs and the Wild) are often mentioned.

The draft and the start of the free agent process are now behind us, but still, the Habs have yet to improve their short-term attack at the top-6 level.

It has done so in the long term (Juraj Slafkovsky contract, Ivan Demidov and Michael Hage arrivals via the draft), but not this year.

Not only have the Habs not improved, but the prospect has yet to be traded. That means there’s still a world out there where, theoretically, the Habs could go for McGroarty, right?

Well, according to Eric Engels on the Sick Podcast yesterday, it’s still possible. He still sees a fit for both teams… unlike a deal involving Patrik Laine. He doesn’t think so.

It’s true that Kent Hughes’ Canadiens have several prospects who could be traded to the Jets, for example. He also has plenty of draft picks, if that makes a difference.

I think the Jets would love to have Logan Mailloux or David Reinbacher, as they’re looking for defensive help. But that’s just my opinion.

But Kent Hughes has said it: he’s not going to cut ties with prospects if it doesn’t help him progress. The question is whether, in management’s eyes, the Jets’ demands are tantamount to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And if so, that explains the lack of a deal.

To improve, the Habs will also have to see if they can’t see if a team needs help with the salary cap. And from there, we create a discussion.

For example? The Avalanche and Oilers are stuck salarycap wise.

Am I saying that the Habs absolutely must find a fit with these teams in order to relieve them by taking on a youngster they couldn’t afford? Not necessarily, no.

But the idea of seeing who’s in trouble makes sense.


– Oh wow.

– Another Sedin playing sports in Vancouver.

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