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Montreal’s market: Jonathan Marchessault didn’t want to be pressured
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On the opening day of the free agent market, the Montreal Canadiens are, as expected, keeping a low profile.

Apart from the signing of Alex Barré-Boulet, Kent Hughes and his team are keeping a low profile.

However, this doesn’t mean that Habs management is doing nothing. On the contrary, they are making calls and offers to certain free agents.

In fact, we learned in the last few hours that Quebec forward Jonathan Marchessault, who signed with the Nashville Predators, had received an offer from the Montreal Canadiens, an offer he strongly considered before receiving a call from Steven Stamkos.

The Canadiens were second to Nashville, but Stamkos’ call seems to have tipped the balance.

However, Marchessault later stated in a television interview with TVA Sports that the pressure of the Montreal market was another factor he considered in his decision.

Indeed, the Quebec forward explained that he wasn’t too keen on the idea of being constantly in the spotlight and under pressure in Montreal.

We understand that Marchessault liked Montreal’s offer and the idea of playing at home, but that in the end, the pressure of the Montreal market didn’t interest him.

There’s so much media and so much pressure. When an offensive player goes through a rough patch in Montreal, he quickly finds himself in trade rumors. – Jonathan Marchessault

The Quebecer also smiled as he said that once a year in Montreal at the Bell Centre was enough, and that was fine.

Marchessault wasn’t fond of seeing his name in the paper practically every day.

I also wondered whether it was worth having my name in the paper every day or every other day. You’re either a king or a zero. – Jonathan Marchessault

The Nashville Preds’ new forward also broached the subject of his children, who were in no way being nauseated at school based on his performance with the Golden Knights, and that this will continue in Nashville.

In Montreal, the Quebecker believes things could have been different.

In short, the Habs made a real attempt to acquire Marchessault, but in the end, once again, the Tricolore came a close second in the race to sign him.

Montreal’s pressure once again weighed in the balance.

During his press conference today, Kent Hughes confirmed that he had spoken to the Quebecker, but that he wasn’t ready to go four or five years with him.

No surprise there.


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