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The Canadiens came close to have Ivan Demidov stolen
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At this point, you know: Ivan Demidov was the Canadiens’ choice.

The Flames, Predators and other clubs may have called for the chance to draft him in the fifth spot, but the Russian was management’s choice. Nothing could change that.

We should see the young man land in Quebec in 2025. And if all goes well, he’ll change the face of the club’s attack in the medium term on an increasingly formidable top-6.

But how close did the Habs come to not drafting him? How close were the Blackhawks, Ducks and Blue Jackets to drafting him? That’s one question.

According to what had been circulating for weeks, Chicago was hesitating between Artyom Levshunov and Demidov. The defenseman got the nod, but the club also loved Demidov.

That’s why, when you read that Chicago tried to acquire the Blue Jackets’ #4 pick in return for (among other things) an unprotected first-round pick in 2025, it’s easy to think that it was to draft Ivan Demidov.

This information was reported by Pierre LeBrun, who mentions that Chicago almost managed to get the pick. So it takes a plus-one to conclude that Demidov came close to escaping the Flanelle’s grasp.

Although Chicago had Demidov in mind, the Blue Jackets were too enamored with Cayden Lindstrom to pass him up. In other words, the club used its right to speak up.

Kent Hughes owes him one.

On paper, the offer could have been interesting for the Blue Jackets, since Chicago’s pick next year will be really high, once again. But why wait a year to draft so high?

I can understand why the Jackets said no to this one.


– It was Charles Saindon-Courtois’ idea to call Céline Dion to make the pick. Chantal Machabée made the call.

– The goaltending tandem will create a healthy rivalry, if all goes well.

– Steve Nash knows Macklin Celebrini.

– Joe Thornton did it right yesterday.

– A school to be proud of.

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