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The Canadiens were linked to McGroarty yesterday
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In an initial text this morning, I said that the Canadiens had had a near-perfect evening. We talked about the positives, i.e. the two picks (Ivan Demidov, who will be a first-line player for a long time, and Michael Hage, who brings depth to the center) and the presence of Céline…

But on the negative side, the Habs haven’t budged.

You’ll tell me they moved for pick #21, and you’re right. But you also know I mean this: no defenseman was traded for an impact forward.

Is it the end of the world? No. After all, even if the draft is a good time to do it, it’s not the only time to make such a treaty.

But it’s still worth highlighting.

Did Kent Hughes try? Of course he has. And in his own words, he’s still got a few little projects on the go, and he’s not done trying to improve his team.

Nothing was imminent last night, but still.

Martin Necas, Trevor Zegras, Yaroslav Askarov and Rutger McGroarty spring to mind. These guys could have been traded yesterday for a first-round pick, but that didn’t happen.

But let’s focus on the Jets.

Yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens’ name was bandied about in the Rutger McGroarty file. We can sense that Kent Hughes has his eyes set on the Jets prospect to improve his top-6.

And according to Chris Johnston, the Habs did try their luck with the Jets prospect. It wasn’t necessarily against the #5 pick, but when Ivan Demidov came into the picture, the rest took the edge off a bit.

McGroarty, who commented on Michael Hage’s Instagram post following his first-round selection, could still be traded today. Will the Habs and their surplus of defensemen in the same mold be in the mix?

That remains to be seen. But it could clearly be an interesting day.

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