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Saku Koivu is really proud of his son Aatos, who was drafted by the Habs
Credit: Getty Images
As we all know, Aatos Koivu, son of former Montreal Canadiens captain Saku Koivu, was selected in the 3rd round by the Habs.

Many fans were hoping to see Quebecer Justin Poirier selected with the 70th overall pick, but in the end it was the Finn who heard his name called.

The Koivu family was not present at the draft and learned the news from the comfort of home.

Saku Koivu hugged his son and told him he was so proud of him:

As Priyanta Emrith reports, Aatos and his father are expected to sit down with the Tricolore tomorrow to discuss Saku’s experiences in Montreal.

Also, one question that came up following Koivu’s selection at No. 70 is whether the young Finn will attend the Habs’ development camp this September.

Priyanta Emrith confirmed that Koivu won ‘t be attending and that we’ll have to wait until next year before seeing him play in Montreal.

Aatos Koivu maintains that he’s used to the pressure because of his father’s career.

He knows there’s no rush right now and wants to take his time to develop in the best possible way.

I can’t wait to see him in Montreal, though.

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