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Kent Hugues admits Ivan Demidov’s interview was one of the best he’s ever done
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That’s it: the Canadiens have won their bet and succeeded in drafting Ivan Demidov.

Céline Dion drafting the talented young player… it was quite a moment for everyone present. And to see it happen in the beautiful surroundings of Vegas is iconic.

And we agree, if the club had drafted Zeev Buium or anyone else, it wouldn’t have been the same for the great singer.

In an interview after the selection, Kent Hughes spoke to Renaud Lavoie about what had just happened. And clearly, he was more interested in talking about Demidov than Céline.

So that’s what we’re going to do too.

What we took away from the interview was the fact that Kent Hughes said that his hockey skills made the difference, yes, but his interview also helped.

According to the Habs GM, Demidov gave the Habs one of the best interviews the club has ever done. And it’s not as if the Habs haven’t had a good one since 2022…

What we notice is that he does indeed seem to have a good personality. We then saw him interviewed on TVA Sports: even if his English isn’t perfect, he seems happy to be here.

And he doesn’t look stressed. He said that yesterday, before going to bed, he went… to the toilet.

He’s reminiscent of Juraj Slafkovsky in some ways. After all, both are from Europe and both don’t have perfect English… but both look relaxed, nonetheless.

And both are part of the wave of young players who are going to get the Habs back on track.


For those who want to see the big moment again:

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