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Kent Hughes gets Kings’ first pick of 2024
Credit: Getty Images
Kent Hughes has moved.

The Canadiens have secured the 21st overall pick in the upcoming auction. In return, the big return is the 26th overall pick, no big surprise. But two other picks are also added.

The Habs give their 57th and 198th picks to the Kings.

What this means is that the Habs will finally draft 10 times instead of 12, which is good. The Habs are trading quantity for quality, which was definitely the right thing to do. And the Kings needed quantity.

But they no longer have a second-round pick. That’s the big disadvantage in all this, and it’s fair to say it’s been a costly one.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

That said, the most important thing for the Habs is quality. With the 21st overall pick, they’re in a good position to draft an important prospect for the future.

Unless, that is, the Habs need such a pick to make a deal?

We know that the success rate between the 21st and 26th picks isn’t all that different, but it’s safe to assume that the Habs have a prospect they want to draft who could be available at #21.

You might think it’s Sacha Boisvert… and you might wonder if the club won’t get the runaround from the Blackhawks, who draft at #18.

The Habs at 21… the Blackhawks at 18… the Sharks at 11… normally, these transactions take place on the floor.

With draft night just hours away, one has to wonder what Hughes has in mind. But even if he weakens tomorrow, it’s clear that tonight, he’s in a better position.

Details to follow…

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