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Four players targeted by the Habs if they draft at No. 21
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What will the Habs do with the 21st pick in the draft?

Should we expect Kent Hughes to select a player… or should we expect the GM to trade the pick?

We know that Hughes would like to get his hands on another top-10 pick, and that he’s been trying to move up to 14th :

If Hughes decides to draft with the 21st pick, there are a few logical options on the table.

And among them, there are four names that are coming up in the discussion right now.

Tony Marinaro talks about Michael Hage…

Grant McCagg talks about Dean Letourneau…

Nicolas Cloutier is talking about Sacha Boisvert…

And Marc Dumont is talking about Andrew Basha if the Habs select his teammate, Cayden Lindstrom, with the 5th pick of the draft.

What’s interesting here is that we’re talking about four offensive forwards who aren’t “small”.

Basha (5’11’ and 185 lbs.) is the only player in the “group” under six feet tall…

While Letourneau (6’7′), Hage (6’1′) and Boisvert (6’2′) are relatively tall.

Fits with what Kent Hughes is looking for, after all.

The Habs GM wants to add offensive talent to his roster, but he’s also said he’d like to bulk up his club for the next few years.

Of course, all that has time to change between now and the start of the first round.

Because there’s a real possibility that Kent Hughes could use the 21st pick in a trade to move up (again)… Or to get a player who can help the team right away.

That remains to be seen.

In Overtime

– Adam Engström will not be attending the Habs’ development camp this summer.

– New contract for Calvin Pickard in Edmonton.

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